Please read carefully:
This app doesn't do anything on its own. You need to use the helper program to get anything useful out of this app. The helper program requires Java, runs on Windows and Linux (probably OS X too), and can be downloaded at This message will be displayed the first two times this app is launched, so that (hopefully) everyone will understand how to use this app. This page will also be available at for future reference.
What this app does:
This app allows you to access your Android device from your computer without having to find and use the device's current IP address by using a custom name that you assign. It operates separately from the machine name/hostname (the name that shows up on your router) that Android devices already have (something like android_2aac58490aa906ae), however, you have the ability to change the hostname to the custom name used by the app.
How to use:
  • Change the name to whatever you like
  • Select the start listening option
  • Download the helper program on your computer from
  • Run the helper program
  • Test that everything is working by pinging the name you chose
  • Done!